Meet Bernard Brozek

Meet Bernard J. Brozek: Executive Leader and Franchising Expert

To succeed in the business world, one must possess a wide range of skills, including the fundamental skill of leadership. Bernard “Bernie” Brozek embodies what it means to be a business leader; his vision and his ability to recognize emerging opportunities have reached near-legendary status. Even as a young man, he stood out from his peers in the business community. Today, he is known for his expert analysis of business trends, giving him the tools he needs to help businesses grow. Bernie Brozek lives and works in Georgetown, Texas, as the Chief Operating Officer of a prominent health and wellness franchise. He is also active with a franchising group based in the cities of Cleveland and Cincinnati, Ohio, serving as President as one of the group’s divisions. 

Early Business Achievements and Expanding Markets

Bernie Brozek got his start in business just after graduating from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His first business-related job was as a restaurant general manager for the Pizza Hut chain. Pizza Hut of America, the chain’s corporate hub, quickly recognized his impeccable skills as a manager and visionary. The corporation needed assistance in expanding business operations, particularly in high-value regions like the Capitol region of Pennsylvania and the competitive New York City restaurant market. In 1987, Bernie was names as the Area Manager for the Capitol region, encompassing Harrisburg and surrounding communities. He was responsible for over 50 units, and in his time as the Manager, the entire region exceeded sales goals.

Next, he was selected in 1991 to serve as the Operations Director for the Delivery division of Pizza Hut of America, this time in New York City. He took on several dozen individual units, and oversaw the expansion of the region’s operations to over 70 units. One of his greatest achievements in this market was his overhaul of the company’s recruitment and training practices. His attention to detail in producing quality employees significantly improved revenue, and positioned the NYC region’s operations as the most profitable in the country.

Bernie continued with Pizza Hut of America until 1999, finishing off his impressive career with them as the Vice President/General Manager of the company’s Express division. He added 1200 new Express Units, which generated in excess of $18 million in extra cash flow for the company. He also worked diligently to secure the division’s future by establishing lucrative partnerships with prominent hospitality and food service chains throughout the United States.

Operations: Tools for Success

A Chief Operating Officer (COO) is responsible for many aspects of a company’s operations. Bernard Brozek is widely-regarded as one of the most talented COOs in the country, owing to his command of complex business concepts and his expertise in:

  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Process Improvement
  • Risk Management
  • Strategic Analysis
  • Business Relations
  • Operations Management

Most importantly, it is Bernie’s leadership that has propelled him to the successes he has achieved. Bernie’s leadership is a combination of several styles, but is characterized by what is known as “transformational” leadership. Bernie’s work in business, both as an executive and as COO of companies, requires him to have a clear vision of the company’s direction and future. He is able to transform the operations of any company based on this vision while investing teams in the same ultimate goals. For example, in his work with Pizza Hut of America, he identified the need for expansion into underserved markets. By leveraging his talents as a business leader, the regions in which he worked outperformed even the most optimistic sales goals and experienced explosive growth.

Bernie Brozek’s first role as a COO came in 2003 when he joined the Sport Clips, Inc. team in Georgetown, Texas. The franchising hair styling chain was languishing, and needed a turnaround. Bernie sheparded his resources, building a turnaround team that achieved almost overnight success. Within five years, his work positioned the company from a small collection of 58 units to a nationwide powerhouse in its industry niche with nearly 850 units and growing franchise opportunities.

He experienced similar successes working with Home Depot. As the COO of N-Hance Flooring, a Home Depot store brand, he guided the unit’s growth from 50 locations to over 150 in two years. By cultivating franchise relationships and implementing workplace and system efficiencies, he was just what the company needed to grow.

Franchising: Success for the Future

After considerable exposure to the franchising models of Sport Clips and N-Hance Flooring, Bernard Brozek was ready to write the next chapter of his business legacy. He joined United Growth Brands in Cincinnati, Ohio as the President. UGB is a subsidiary of Strategic Franchising, a company that features a group of franchises under one umbrella. Franchises include:

  • Fresh Coat Painting Company
  • The Growth Coach
  • Caring Transitions Estate Sales
  • Pet Wants
  • TruBlue House Care

The collection of franchises is diverse; what Bernie brought to the operation was his ability to streamline operations while capitalizing on emerging markets. He created complex sales plans and led the companies to significant growth. These franchise companies now produce over $500 million in annual sales and have thousands of business units covering the United States. Bernie Brozek is a testament to business leadership, guiding companies as they reach unprecedented successes both now and well into the future.